What is Oolong Tea?

What is Oolong Tea?

Not a Black Tea, not a Green Tea, but a type of tea all on its own. Oolong Tea comes from the same Camelia Sinensis plant as its lighter and darker counterparts but it oxidized right in between the two teas. A cup of Oolong can range from light with floral notes,  all the way to a dark and malty cup. If you've been looking for a tea perfectly balanced between a Green and Black Tea, Oolong may just be what you've been missing!

Possibly more important with Oolong than any other type of tea, the rolling or twisting of the leaves can drastically change the appearance and flavor of the tea. This will be done to start the oxidation process and is determined by the tea master depending on traditions to the region and factory. This oxidation process is why Oolong Teas can very so much and why they are also considered the hardest tea to manufacture for a tea master. Oxidation levels in Oolong Tea are mostly found between 8-80% which is an enormous range for one type of tea. Finding the perfect balance within that range is truly and art form where you can take one leaf and dramatically alter the end result. Oolong Tea is manufactured all over the world today from China to Taiwan, where depending on the region the taste and appearance can be worlds apart.

When farmers or Tea Masters bring a tea to a competition or expo, it is normally their Oolong they choose as it i believed to show off their true artisan skill set. The work that goes into making great Oolong should not go unnoticed and this is truly a cup to take your time to enjoy the subtle notes it possesses. Some tea drinkers even treat a premium Oolong such as a fine wine  paring with chocolates or food. We enjoy a nice dark or milk oolong with a nutty finish but there truly is an Oolong Tea for every taste preference. Next time your in for a cup give a nice Oolong a try!



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