Learn: How to Make Matcha at Home

How to Make Matcha

Making Matcha at Home

If you're a lover of the Green Superfood Matcha and want to learn how to make the delicious tea at home this is for you! Today we will take you through the modern way we make the drink but will also offer different options should you so choose . Let's begin!

How to Make Matcha

If you're going to be drinking the Matcha straight you will want to start with a Premium Grade powder. If you will be adding milk for a latte then a Mid Grade option will be just fine. For a single serving you will want to start with 1/2 teaspoon of Matcha powder into either a traditional Match bowl or directly into a mug you will be drinking out of. Some also prefer a whole teaspoon which is fine but you will want to make sure to have over 12 ounces of water as it can be hard to get the powder to mix all the way in for smaller quantities on such a high content.

How to Make Matcha

Add 2-4 ounces of 170-175 degree water directly on top of your Matcha powder.

How to Make Matcha at home

We then choose to use a handheld battery powdered frother for this next step. A traditional bamboos whisk can be used or a kitchen whisk, but both will take several minutes compared to the electric option. What you want to do is blend until a smooth froth has formed.

How to Make Matcha at Home

If drinking straight add 4-6 ounces again of the 175 degree water for taste. We prefer to froth again at this step to give a nice foamed texture. You can also opt to add milk at this point if you're looking for a Matcha latte and even finish with honey to sweeten. If you are looking for an iced matcha simply pour the original concentrate over ice or add cold milk for an iced latte. 

How to Make Matcha at Home

And there you have it, Matcha made at home in just minutes! 


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