What's The Big Deal With Yerba Mate?

What's The Big Deal With Yerba Mate?

I'm not going to lie, this is a topic i'm thrilled to be writing about. See Yerba Mate has not just become part of my daily routine but I'm not sure how I could even manage without the holly plant. I start every single day with a hot cup of Yerba Mate and it's just the thing to get my day started. Then when I need that restart after lunch I typically take in my second cup of the day. This is a familiar story for so many that have discovered Mate, many who have made it a big part of their daily lives.

Yerba Mate or referenced by many simply as Mate comes exclusively from South America, mostly from Northern Argentina but also parts of Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. The plant begins as a shrub but then as it matures grows into a tree nearly 50 feet in height. When harvested, Yerba Mate is traditionally dried over an open campfire producing its iconic smoky flavor. While a different compound of what we consider caffeine, Mate has the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee although the effects can be longer lasting without the crash. This of course is a big reason for the worldwide popularity of the drink.

Traditionally Yerba Mate is drank out of gourds prepared loose leaf, then drank through a bombilla which is a metal straw that can help filter the tea before being consumed. It can of course also be prepared traditionally in a loose leaf style as well as tea bags.  The health benefits from antioxidants, cancer fighting properties, and weight loss are another reason so many consume Mate on a daily basis. If you haven't tried Yerba Mate maybe it can change your world the way it has mine and so many others.


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