Discover Black Tea

Discover Black Tea
How different can types of Black Tea really be? Depending on the region the tea is grown, as well as the harvesting and processing methods the answer is vasty different. Tell me more you say? Ok deal.
Just like Black Coffee, a single Origin Black Tea can be a flavorful and delightful cup all on its own. While I love a good blend or Breakfast Tea, the delicacy of a great straight Black Tea is hard to beat. We'll start with the base of many of our tea's a Flowery Orange Pekoe Black Tea. This is a sweet and complex cup balancing a slight floral aroma with a natural brown sweetness that is a very smooth and easy drinking cup. Similar but maybe not as complex and typically considered a cheaper tea is Keenum. This famous Chinese Tea has slightly smoky, malty notes that can remind you of unsweetened cocoa when drank straight. If your looking for a sweeter cup go for a Ceylon. Named for the Country it is grown( now Sri Lanka), this cup all on its own has a natural sweetness and low acidity that for many requires no sweeter at all. 
Any Darjeeling Tea will be a tea grown in the Darjeeling region of India. While all Darjeeling's are considered a premium cup with complex notes and flavors, a Darjeeling Black can be considered on top of the throne for straight Black Tea. You will be hard pressed to find a more complex cup of black tea with so many different flavors packed into the tea. There is almost a musky spiciness you must really taste to explain. And then we have the strong dark Assam Tea. Again named after the region they are grown, Assam Tea has as strong body with dark maltiness and brisk flavor. If your looking for a strong cup this is the one. It is the base of our Irish Breakfast Blend.
They are so many others to mention but these are you Black Tea staples that if you haven't tried on their own give it a go. You may just be surprised how pleasant of a cup each one is all on its own.
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