Discover Fruit Tea

Discover Fruit Tea

As warmer months approach, the sweet taste of a Fruit Tea get's even more intriguing. Tea has a special trait how it can take you places. Close your eyes even on a cold winter night and a hot cup of Passion Fruit Tea can place you on a warm sunny beach. However there's nothing quite like an Iced Fruit Tea let's say Mango Tea to cool off on a hot summer day. Time to prepare for warmer days ahead.

There are really two ways to get a Fruit Tea; either use real dried fruit or a flavor extract. Then you must ask will it have tea or will it be just a fruit medley like a Wild Berry Hibiscus blend? This red vibrant cup is like the wine of teas; a lush basket of fruit to the smell but with a more tart finish. Want something a little sweeter? Try our  Rooibos Berry Tea that uses Red Tea as a natural sweetener. If it is tea you are after may we suggest a cup of Tropical Green Tea. We take our sweet Sencha and pair it with real pineapple pieces, papaya, and finish with an indigo splash of cornflower petals. 

Most Fruit Tea is a black tea base which is in fact the case with our Ginger Peach Tea. Real peach pieces give a hint of sweetness but the spiciness of fresh ginger makes for a complex cup. Passion Fruit is definitely a distinguishable taste that we use real passionfruit extract paired with a flowery orange black pekoe tea and finish with marigold petals. This one is a hit at the summer bbq. Then there is our iconic Mango Tea. In the summer months we sell this tea four times more than any other tea. Make it hot, iced, or even a sun tea they are all so good. 

What is your favorite fruit tea/ what would you like us to add to our blend collection? Let us know in the comments!

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