Revival Tea Academy: White Tea (Bai Mu Dan)

here's many different White Teas, but today we're talking about the White Tea that we import from Southeast China. White Tea just means 'unprocessed tea'. When tea is picked it's picked and then dried you get White Tea. As you roll the leaves you start the oxidation process which makes it Green Tea then Black Tea. This makes White Tea very natural tasting; light, sweet and sometimes you even get buttery notes. Let's make a cup: first we're going use one teaspoon of White Tea per eight ounces of water, if you're using a tea bag that will suffice as well. Next we'll pour 185 degree water over our tea leaves then set a timer for four minutes. Lastly we'll pour this over our hand mesh strainer (if you're using a tea bag or t-ball now would be the time to remove those). This is one of our favorites, you get to taste the tea really as it was meant. Since it's unprocessed there's no aging or oxidation. It is light and sweet. If you really want to taste tea in its natural form White Tea would be the way to do so. Our White Tea is available in loose leaf and in tea bags here.


Revival Tea Academy

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