Revival Tea Academy: Japanese Matcha

apanese Matcha. We import two different grades: we call one a mid-grade and one a premium grade. Ya "ceremonial grade" our mid-grade is technically a ceremonial grade and our premium grade is going to be some of the highest graded Matcha in the world. What we suggest is using our mid-grade for smoothies or lattes and using our premium grade for drinking straight. Matcha is a green tea that's grown in the shade for a few weeks before picking. This process brings out all of the antioxidants and then it's grounded into a powder using the stone grinding technique. Igreat as a straight tea and also as a latte. You'll also find it in different ice creams or other treats. Toput 175 degree water over it; those clumps. ThenMatcha really gets dissolved. You'll use the frother for 15-20 seconds, then we'll pour this over a hand mesh strainer.

little bitter. To help with the bitterness make sure you use water that is 175 degrees. You also should be carefull not to over steep it.M an acquired taste but a lot of people prefer it as a latte. To do this you will add aof simple syrup and a little bit of milk (we use oat milk). Tip: to make it like we do you need to froth the milk. You can use your electric frother to get some good foam on your milk before adding it to your drink. A Matcha Latte is still get that Matcha flavor bitterness away along with the little dash of
mid-grade and in premium grade
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