What Makes Revival’s Jasmine Tea Bloom Above The Rest

Jasmine Tea

Imagine if you will, a warm island breeze  of slightly floral and sweet hit’s your nose. Peacefully  you take a deep breath as you return to reality and realize it wasn’t an island breeze, but a cup of Revival Jasmine Tea. The scent of jasmine petals paired with Chinese Green Tea gives this cup a unique and soothing demeanor while still packing in the caffeine to keep you focused through your day. Not only is Jasmine Tea delicious, but like many teas it has quite a few health benefits. 

Jasmine Tea is at its base a green tea which gives it many distinct health benefits including  weight loss, lowered risk of heart disease, and heightened brain function. However Jasmine tea has several distinct benefits above this thanks to the jasmine flower infusion. Along with the typical calm caffeine boost the jasmine flower in jasmine tea also gives the tea a calming effect. These together work to produce equal parts a relaxing and caffeinating beverage. Jasmine flower is also known for its boosts to skin health with research showing it can help with cleansing your skin as well as supporting its natural healing ability. Jasmine Tea works in many ways to help boost your health, but it’s also quite delicious. 

As said before, Revival uses an amazing Chinese green tea as the base for our Jasmine Tea. It gives our tea a subtle sweetness even before we add the Jasmine petals. This addition adds a light floral note on the front that intensifies as you swallow. From first sniff to last sniff this tea provides a smooth uniquely sweet cup with a soothing aroma. Jasmine Tea is a great intro for those wanting to get into green tea as well as a great home from green tea lovers like myself. So regardless of your green tea experience try a cup, take a sniff, and drift away. 


Revival Tea Co.

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