Assam Tea: Part Of A Complete Breakfast Tea

Assam Tea

Some days we find ourselves craving a delicate, sweet, and fruity tea. Others it's something a bit more bold, full, and in your face. On days like these, you can't go wrong with a nice tall cup of Revival's Assam tea. Assam is the sturdy backbone of many breakfast blends including all three of Revival Tea Company’s breakfast teas. Assam’s strong and malty flavor makes a perfect base for breakfast teas which are by nature a stronger blend since to many they serve the function of a morning cup of coffee.

Assam Tea is named for the region In India from which it is grown. The Assam region is by production the largest tea-growing region in the world. This is in large part due to its climate. The tropical climate of Assam can get up to a foot of rain a day during the monsoon season, and with temperatures, around 97 degrees Fahrenheit during this time the greenhouse-like conditions are perfect for tea growth. The climate is also a contributing factor to Assam Tea’s Malty flavor. Assam is also one of only two regions in the world with native tea plants the other being southeastern China. Revival Tea Company gets its Assam from the Kondoli Estate. Which is well known amongst teamakers for its consistency and fantastic quality. Now that we know about where the tea comes from let’s  dive into the tasting notes of a hot cup.

As soon as you pour yourself a cup of Revival's Assam tea it catches your eye with its distinct copper color and a deliciously fragrant scent. The taste is a stimulant to the senses full-flavored and strong with a uniquely malty finish. On its own Assam produces a uniquely fantastic cup perfect for starting your day or acting as a midday pick-me-up. However, when you blend Assam with other teas like Ceylon, Flowery Orange Pekoe, or something unique like pine needles in our Northwest Breakfast Blend you get the perfect recipe for an amazing Breakfast Tea. So whether you’re enjoying it on its own, or blended into a delicious Breakfast Tea Assam Tea is a perfect addition to any Tea drinker's repertoire.


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