Revival Tea Academy: Orange Spice Cinnamon

Today is all about our Orange Spice Cinnamon tea. To make this tea we take a Flowery Orange Pekoe (Chinese Black tea), then add cinnamon chips, orange peel and orange spice extract to make it a very bold cup.
To brew this tea we will take one teaspoon of tea per eight ounces of water. If you're using a tea bag that will work as well. Next we will take 212 degree water or water to a boil and pour it over our tea leaves. Then set your timer for six minutes. After the six minutes is up we'll pour it over our hand mesh strainer. If you're using a tea ball or tea bag now would be the time to remove it. This blend is bold and flavorful. Depending on how bold you want it you can steep it for five or six minutes. Five minutes will be a lot more mellow and six will be much bolder. If we drink this at home we let it steep 8, 9 or even 10 minutes for an extremely bold cup.
Every time we have this tea we want to keep going back for sip after sip. We think you will drink this one fast too. You can get our Orange Spice Cinnamon here, available in loose leaf and tea bags.
Revival Tea Academy

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