The Power of meditation

We all have that one friend or that wacky aunt who meditates. They tell us over coffee or at Thanksgiving how we really should give it a shot, that they believe it can help us. Help? What do I need help for? You then realize that sudden knee jerk reaction may be what they're talking about. Maybe it's time you give this whole "finding your inner self" a shot.In today's world of smartphones and apps it's never been easier to try meditation or to get started. Two of our favorite apps are calm and headspace. Both come with Free Trials and can be upgraded later for a very low fee to gain access to the entire catalogue. On the calm app for example, they have 7 day meditation exercises on calming anxiety, finding happiness , and many single sessions to fit what you might be looking for. These apps make it easy to start but also have the ability to set reminders and track your progress and consistancy.We've compiled 10 reasons you should star today....Being mindful means that you are more aware of your thoughts and your actions in general. Unless you are in a heightened state of awareness, you can’t observe your thoughts rationally.Perhaps your thoughts take you on a wild ride throughout your day, dragging you along. Meditation offers you the time to reflect on your thoughts and focus mainly on your breathing or some other aspect of your being. It gives you the awareness to refocus your mind on the present moment, as opposed to the past of the future.This kind of awareness is a useful skill as you progress through your everyday life.You experience stress just like everyone else. Some stress is unavoidable, and therefore, not so toxic. Too much stress can be unhealthy and damaging if you are unable to combat it.Meditation is a quiet time you should dedicate to yourself every day. Use deep inhales and exhales to refocus your attention on being in the moment.The stress isn’t going to go away automatically but you will observe a transformation in the amount of stress you accumulate. Simply closing your eyes and steadily breathing has a tremendous effect, especially when you acknowledge stressful situations arising.You don’t really want to abdicate all your power to emotions, do you? Too often people lose control over their emotions and they simply accept it. Learn how to react skillfully in stressful situations by taking the time to simply observe what the mind is doing.Meditation gives you the opportunity to do this. The more you meditate, the more you will notice the thoughts and actions that trigger the emotions you might not find desirable.Simply believing every thought that pops in your head and living under your mind’s umbrella is not constructive.As you gain more awareness of your thoughts, actions, and emotions, you will notice that you make better decisions. Instead of merely reacting to adverse situations, you will obtain a more useful comprehension of what’s going on in your mind.This comprehension arms you with the skills to think before you act and therefore make purposeful decisions.Unless you enjoy living at an extremely fast pace, you are going to want to slow down and enjoy living. Meditation arms you with the ability to take life gradually.Life is not a sprint; it is a marathon. Don’t rush through it and miss out on things you are going to regret later. Slow down your mind first, and then everything else will follow suit.If nothing else, you will learn something new through meditation. Meditation is a skill, and like any skill, it takes much practice and concentration. It is always beneficial to introduce more useful skills into your life.The first time you learned how to read and write was advantageous for your academic development. Learning how to meditate is useful for the development of your mind.It is not a competition. There is no right or wrong way to do it. You simply can’t fail at meditating. If you are on the fence about trying it, realize that you have absolutely nothing to lose.Who doesn’t want to be happier and feel more contentment with life? Meditating consistently is a great way to open up your eyes to your life, and really experience all that life has to offer.It will help you appreciate life more and feel more connected with the word you live in.This might be the alluring reason of all. It won’t cost you a cent, and you can do it from the comfort of your home too, so why not give it a try?Find a place that is comfortable for you to meditate. Some people use a quiet space at home or in the office. You can meditate outside in nature as well. Look for a place that is inviting and calm and make that your spot.The physical benefits of meditation include decreased blood pressure and lower levels of anxiety, as well as an overall healthier immune system.Besides the mental benefits, meditation has the capability to broaden your consciousness, which in turn will grant you the ability to understand your feelings and thoughts more. And the more conscious you become through meditation, the more control you are going to have over your emotions, and the more likely you are to choose to live happily. So why not add 10-15 minutes of meditation to your morning routine?Start Your DayStart Your Revival
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