What's the big deal with Red Tea?

What's The Big Deal With Red Tea?

You've probably heard of Red Tea or Rooibos, if you haven't well today's your lucky day! This red flowery bush grown in the Western Cape of South Africa in not only a delightful cup but packs a ton of health benefits. The Rooibos bush is also used to process natural sweetener which should tell you a little about what to expect from  the flavor as a tea. 

A cup of Rooibos tea smells and tastes like nothing you've ever had before. Sweet and malty with almost a liquor finish Rooibos has been consumed in South Africa for generations although just recently catching on in other places around the world. A hot vibrant red cup is truly a marvel that just might take help you take the edge off. Yes Rooibos is an herbal tea meaning it is caffeine but it also contains properties that can trigger mental relaxation helping aid stress, anxiety, or even sleep. Rooibos is the base tea of our Sleepy Chai for that very reason. Doctors have also started to prescribe Rooibos Tea to people with anxiety disorders as a natural alternative that have shown great results . This very well could become your new go to cup after a long hard day.

Rooibos Chai has become popular with the natural sweetness of the Red Tea adding a unique flavor with the added spices. Other Rooibos blends include Revival Tea Company's Rooibos Berry mixed with Rose Hips, Hibiscus, Elderberry and Cranberries. If you haven't had a cup of Red Tea give it a shot, if you have let us know your favorite Rooibos blend or do you just take it straight?


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