Tea and Sleep: Can it help?

tea for sleep

Normally when we think of tea we think of getting a nice little caffeine boost . We also know tea has a ton of other amazing benefits; but can it help you sleep? I mean you wouldn't drink a coffee or energy drink to help you fall asleep. So why in the world would tea work in an opposite way? Let's find out why millions of people use tea to not just help them fall asleep but stay asleep.

Sleepy-time type teas have been around for thousands of years and over the past few decades made their way onto grocery store shelves. Let's first get rid of a myth of many teas that market themselves as tea that can help you sleep. See just because a tea is caffeine free or an herbal tea doesn't mean it will help you sleep better. I mean sure it will be better tham drinking a tea with caffeine but marketing yourself as a sleep-aid when all the blend really does is not have caffeine is misleading to consumers. Luckily there are new teas to the market such as Revival Tea Company's own Sleepy Chai Tea that includes ingredients that will actually aid in a better nights sleep. We start with Rooibos or Red Tea as the base of the tea as Rooibos is known to have calming properties than can actually reduce stress and relieve anxiety. A simply decaf tea should never be used as a sleep tea as there are still trace amounts of caffeine in it. We then add Chamomile which also can help calm the body. But here's the kicker, we add a good dose of valerian root to every batch. Valerian root has been used since Egyptian times to help with sleep and has shown time and time again be a long term solution to a better nights sleep.

The really cool thing with Valerian Root is after taking dosage for 30 days it can actually continue to help with sleep even after discontinuing use. Some like to drink a cup every night as a bedtime ritual where others will drink it one month on two months off similar to a detox type plan. So can tea really help with sleep? The answer is yes, a resounding yes.

Sweet Dreams,

Revival Tea Co.

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