RE/VIVE Ingredients and Benefits

What do each of the Super Ingredients in RE/VIVE offer?

ROASTED YERBA MATE:Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, the holly like tree from Argentina boots energy and improves mental focus. Yerba Mate has also been linked to weight loss as well as its ability to lower blood sugar levels.

ROASTED CHICORY ROOT: Packed with the prebiotic fiber inulin, it has also been linked to aiding digestion. Chicory Root may also lower blood sugar levels and support weight loss.

CACAO NIBS (RAW):Packed with antioxidants, Cacao Nibs also contain Anti-inflammatory properties. They have also been linked to lowering blood sugar, improving heart health, and even include anticancer effects.

ROASTED DANDELION ROOT: Reduces water weight and promotes liver health as well as being linked many digestive tract benefits.

LION'S MANE MUSHROOM POWDER: Can help relieve mild symptoms of depression and anxiety. Reduces heart disease risk, boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, and helps manage diabetes symptoms.

CORDYCEPS MUSHROOM POWDER: May boost exercise performance by increasing V02 capacity. Fights inflammation, as well as anti aging and anti tumor properties.

CHAGA MUSHROOM POWDER: Lowers cholesterol, boosts your immune system as well as fights inflammation. Lowers blood sugar and prevents/fights cancer.

REISHI MUSHROOM POWDER: Fights fatigue and depression as well as boosts immune system.

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