Loose Leaf Tea Versus Tea Bags: Which is better?

Loose Leaf Tea or Tea Bags? Which is best?

It's a question we at Revival Tea Company get all the time. Which is better: Loose Leaf Tea or Tea Bags? The answer quite simply: well that depends.

Loose Leaf is an experience, a ritual of sorts; tea in it's purest form! There's nothing quite like taking a teaspoon of your favorite loose leaf blend, pouring some hot water over it and watching it infuse right into your cup. Now of course you then have to strain and discard of the loose leaf tea before you can drink. Some may even say this process has a soothing thereputic quality to it. And yes if you have the time, preparing loose leaf is a fun an intimate way to experience your favorite teas.

HOWEVER...not all of us always have the time, or patience, or whatever you want to call it to prepare loose leaf tea for every cup. That's where tea bags or otherwise known as sachets come in. Tea sachets come in all sorts of different looks and materials; this matters. Not just for the taste but for health purposes and the quality of tea inside. See at Revival we place our loose leaf tea directly into an unbleached paper tea bag. That way you're getting the exact same tea in your cup as the loose leaf method. BUT... this isn't always the case with all tea manufacturers. See most tea in tea bags are dust or fannings which are the lower quality left over part of the tea plant. This part of the plant does not produce the equivalent or same health benefits as the higher grade leaves such as the flowery orange pekoe. Also material and build of the Sachet matters. Recent studies of non paper tea bags have shown the use of plastic, bleach and other harmful chemicals. Does your tea bag have a cute string on the end  of it with a tea tag? Find out how that was applied to the tea sachet as many times a standard adhesive or glue is used which is then put right into your cup. Yuck!

So which one is better: Loose Leaf Tea or Tea Bags? If you have the time Loose Leaf can truly be an experience that will make you appreciate all the work that went into your cup. But if you must go to the easier, quicker option make sure the tea inside of that Sachet is of the same quality and housed in a safe tea bag.


Revival Tea Co.

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