Genmaicha: The Tea With Toasted and Popped Rice In It


Is there popcorn in that tea or are those rice krispies? Both valid questions we hear all the time when someone first sees Genmaicha. Maybe you've had a cup at your favorite sushi spot, or maybe this is the first you've heard of it. Genmaicha is not only one of our favorite teas, it's making waves in the tea world.

While there's no popcorn in it, Genmaicha is sometimes referred to as popcorn tea.  The full warm nutty flavor of this Japanese Green tea is unlike anything you've had before. Genmaicha starts with a bancha green tea and then has toasted rice added to it, some which have popped. Traditionally the tea was used for those that were fasting for long periods of time between meals. The starch in the drink is able to subdue hunger better than most liquids. Although originally drank in Japan by lower income classes, Genmaicha is now considered a premium tea throughout the world. I guess it's kind of like how we used to serve lobster to prisoners hundreds of years ago.

While amazing as a plain and simple tea, we also love Genmaicha as a green tea latte with milk. The rice flavor with an oat milk latte makes for a warm and savory cup we really enjoy. And yes most sushi restaurants exclusively serve Genmaicha to this day. This comes from the humble beginnings of the tea in Japan being the preferred tea to those working in the fishing industry. If you're yet to try this unique tea give it a shot next time you're in!


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