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Jasmine Pearls

Jasmine Teas have been a popular main stay in the tea world for many years. But none are held in higher regard by Jasmine lovers than Jasmine Pearl Tea. To create this amazing cup, the highest quality Green Tea leaves are handpicked, scented with jasmine petals, then expertly rolled into pearls. Once steeped in hot water the pearls slowly unwind making for a beautiful process of watching the tea come to life. The final product makes for a light, sweet aromatic cup that can be calming and refreshing.

Considered a premium tea, Jasmine Pearls are a real treat. But remember like many teas, the pearls can be reused to make up to 3 cups with just a single teaspoon. So just because a tea is on the higher side of production and quality, doesn't mean it needs to break the bank with each cup. There's just something about these pearls though that sets it apart from other Jasmine scented teas. Maybe it's knowing the process and work that goes into just creating such a wonderful tea. You see once the green tea is processed they are left with unopened Jasmine flowers that open overnight to scent the leaves. This can be done up to 6 times with the highest grade pearls.

I believe tea can take you places, or to a different time. Just the taste or scent of a tea can remind you of another time or make you think you're in a different place. Jasmine has always reminded me of the calmness of summer with a nice warm breeze. Jasmine pearls are truly a therapeutic experience, for the moment you watch them slowly unwind; so do you.

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